What To Do If Your Keys Are Stolen Or Lost

What To Do If Your Keys Are Stolen Or Lost

If you have lost your set of keys in a public place OR you believe or saw someone steal your keys then read this to get informed on how to protect your self and your property.

In Limassol during summer season 2017 there where many incidents like this one that have come to our attention and we where asked our advice on how to deal and prevent these attacks.

Most important is to take all the measures you can to prevent the loss or the theft of your keys.

How thieves operate when stealing your keys

The potential robber follows the victim of key theft to see where they live or which car they own and get a better understanding of which doors those key open and when the best time is to do it. Often they don’t act if they see the victim did not change the keys and wait for the right time to strike organised. But most of the times they act fast before you even know you lost your keys. In some cases the cars that are stolen are used to commit other criminal activities and they burn them afterwards to erase any evidence.

How to protect your self and your property

  • We recommend the use of big key-rings with flashy colors to make the keys set bulky, noisy and clearly visible because this will provide a harder target for the thief to snatch. At the same time since they occupy a larger space in you pocket or purse you will notice if they are missing easier and sooner than usual. This will provide you with time to react to this event and the necessary measures to secure your property.
  • Do NOT put labels on your keys that have an address on them or provides with enough information a thief could successfully guess where the property they belong to is located.
  • Do not leave your keys unattended in public places. Modern technology has made possible for your key to be duplicated just taking a picture of them up in close range. RFID Enabled chips, cards for access systems can also be copied within a few seconds.
  • If you feel that your keys have been for a prolonged time missing and then resurfaced where they usually are then you need to be suspicious if someone has “borrowed” them without your knowledge to make unauthorized copies and be used at a later robbery attempt. If you think that someone made copies during their missing period then you need to take action.

What to do if you are a victim of key theft

  • First arrange for someone to babysit any properties you lost their keys.  Thieves will most likely not attempt entering a property when they see that three are people inside. This will give you the time needed to take measures in protecting your property. A good practice for people that own multiple properties is to call a private security agency to send some one at the addresses you give them.
  • Second contact your trusted local locksmith to come and change all the locks & cylinders that had their keys lost or stolen.

What we can do for you

  • We at Pavlos 24 Hours Locksmith Services can provide you with this service 24 hours a day everyday of the week including holidays anywhere in the Limassol District.
  • Fast response times any hour of the day.We are on our customers property in under 20 minutes time 95% of our calls.
  • With our experience and advanced product line we can provide any key change for any door.
  • We will advice you what your options are to secure your property in the best way possible according to your budget.
  • We are able to deal with any situation and support our customers in time of need.
  • With the best prices around and high quality products we you can rest assured that your property is safe.